Available courses

MINDA Animal/MINDApro provide powerful reporting features as well as incorporating all of the function of MINDAlink for easy herd recording. Have your herd information how you want it, when you want it, without complexity. 

This learning resource will take you through and demonstrate how to use the features in MINDA Animal.

Not everything is linked to the seasons, there are some on farm tasks that need doing throughout the year. 

Keeping track of calving and which cows have calved can be a stressful time, using MINDA to keep track and record calvings, treatments and vaccinations takes the guess work out of this busy time.

As you enter more information about your herd into MINDA, you are building a history of your animals, giving you more information on which to base your herd and cow breeding and management decisions. This course will take you through the process of using MINDA to manage, record and review reproduction information for your herd.

At the end of season, decisions need to be made regarding animal removal, dry cow therapy and treatments as well as tagging heifers that are joining the herd. This section takes you through how MINDA helps provide you with the tools to make the right informed decisions for your farm and the upcoming season.

A liveweight analysis tool for rearing your stock to their full potential.

MINDA Apps - Available for both Apple and Android operating systems, the MINDA apps will turn your smartphone into an efficient and easy-to-use farming assistant.

MINDA Mobile is mobile animal management software that has been designed for Windows Mobile touch hand held devices, designed for recording animal events and viewing animal information, right then and there when you need it.

This course will introduce you to some of the features in MINDA that can be used to meet your NAIT recording obligations. For specific information about recording tasks check out the, 'Herd Movement' and 'Unrecorded Animals' courses.

The resources in this course will show you how to record the buying, selling, culling and movement of stock to meet your NAIT recording obligations.

The resources in this course will show you how to register and remove unrecorded animals along with what to do when unrecorded animal arrives on your farm to meet your NAIT obligations.

The 6 Week Challenge is a free web-based programme that provides dairy farmers with tools and information to help them get more cows in-calf quicker.

To get the most out of the 6 Week Challenge it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with your MINDA™ web herd reports so you can get the most out of your herd recording.

The modules and books in this course will help you on your way to becoming an expert in analysing the performance of your herd using MINDA™ software.

Automatically identify standing heats via an activated or missing EZ Heat® patch captured on an in-shed camera, cows automatically drafted for further inspection and artificial insemination (AI).

Entry level automated drafting for Rotary and Herringbone systems, which comes with a rugged in-dairy Touch Screen computer and has the ability to schedule drafts from the Protrack mobile drafting app. Allows for simple two-way or three-way drafting.

Full automation for rotary systems, which integrates with MINDA and comes with two rugged in-dairy touch screen computers, featuring:

  • automatic drafting
  • in-bail cow identification
  • audio and visual alerts
  • ability to apply targeted feeding
  • animal event and health management

Intelligent drafting for rotary and herringbone systems with MINDA integration and comes with two rugged in-diary touch screen computers, featuring:

  • visual alerts
  • animal and event health management
  • automatic drafting

Intelligent drafting for rotary and herringbone systems, integrates with MINDA and MINDA on the Web and a rugged, in-dairy touch screen computer with the added advantage of being able to schedule drafts from the Protrak mobile drafting app. Other features include:

  • visual alerts
  • animal event and health management

MINDA Land and Feed is a simple tool for recording pasture levels and creating a feed wedge.

The resources here will take you through and demonstrate the features in MINDA Land and Feed.

Farmkeeper is a simple, but powerful farm mapping application which helps to manage your farm. You are able to map your entire farm, record and analyse paddock performance, fertiliser application and stock/mob movements.