Glossary of common terms and phrases used in farming

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The breeding of dairy cows by artificial insemination

Anoestrus cow

A cow showing no oestrus (heat) activity

Artificial Insemination

See Artificial Breeding

Assest Turnover %

Dairy Gross Farm Revenue as a percentage of opening dairy assests. The rate of asses turnover measures how well a farm generates dairy revenue from its assets.



A frame for holding and animal e.g. milking bail


A reference point against which to measure something and compare performance


An accumulation of gas in the rumen of a cow whcih can cause death due to pressure on the heart and lungs.

Bobby Calf

A calf that is not required for milk production, which is then slaughtered when more than 4 days old. Bobby calves are generally less than 45.5kg live weight with a carcass weight on not less than 9.98kg.

Bovine Tuberculosis

A highly contagious bacterial disease of the respiratory system of cattle and humans that casuses sickness and death. It is the primary reason that milk pasturisation is a prerequisite for milk sold for human consumption.

Breeding Value (BV)

The genetic merit of the individual traits (milk fat, protein, volume, live weight and survival) of the individual animal relative to the base cow 1985 set at 0.

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